Hey Babies, all mommies seem to think they need to be in the kitchen today. Well, we’ve got news for them! There are naps to be soothed into; diapers to be changed; & attention to be given. To muah. That little piece of rounded silicone they like to silence you with? Don’t fall for it. It may seem interesting to sit & watch all the cooking excitement for a little while, but remember what…um, WHO…is most important here. YOU!

Don’t let your mommy make/buy you a TURKEY shirt & thinks that’s gonna make you all festive. Don’t listen to all the hoop-la that Thankgiving & Hannakuh only co-exist together every thousand years or something! We’re HERE; We can’t get any cuter; & there’s milk to be had.

So fill up that diaper a little extra today, puke on a few shirts, show off your new talents ( I developed quite a scream this month & *newsflash* they will look at you), & make this day a BABY DAY TO REMEMBER.

You’re Welcome.

-Excerpt from Baby Secret Handbook


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